FoCo In Under 5 Podcast

FoCo In Under “LIVE”: Our Season AND Series Finale



Greetings friends and followers of FoCo In Under Five!! 

Here, forthwith, is our final installment of this world wide beloved podcast (we are huge in Australia, North Korea and Madagascar).   

Today, we bring to you the recording of our special live event that we had the pleasure of presenting at Ginger and Baker on the 30th.  Thank you to the many who joined us and helped make the event special!

In this episode, we discuss how our typical podcast show will be going away.

But, don't despair! 

Watch through to the end to see our announcement regarding the evolution of the show.  We have more in store and will be coming back with a new and improved format after the first of the year!!!

We appreciate your past support and we are looking forward to what the future may hold.  As Stan Lee would say, Excelsior!!  


We put our live event together with help from our amazing and talented friends @TomFlanagan and @PatrickCaldwell.  @AndrewSturm played for us and was amazing and @BrianMartinezMartinezMartinez produced and put the video together.